Cargo terminal

Cold Chamber

Our TECA has capacity to receive goods that require temperature control.

Drug charges are 80% of all movements of the warehouse and, for this, we built a complex of cold rooms with 430 pallet positions for receiving refrigerated cargo at 2° to 8°C, 15° to 25°C and -22° to -16° with specific internal floors and walls for this purpose. 

The warehouse has a Certificate of Technical Regularity of the Federal Council of Pharmacy and has a responsible pharmacist during the administrative hours. Logistics operations of pharmaceutical drugs and supplies, including those controlled by Ordinance 344/1998, toiletries and cosmetics, food and health products, are supported by the following operating authorizations and special authorization from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa):

  • AFE Medicines and Supplies No. 9.07.125-1
  • AFE Health Products No. 9.07.132-5
  • AFE Care Products and Cosmetics No 9.07.134-2
  • AFE Food No. 9.07.133-9
  • AE C1 - Other substances subject to special control No. 9.07.358-7

All authorizations can be found here.

The storage of loads subject to sanitary surveillance meets all the requirements of Good Storage Practices, including pest and urban vectors control, cleaning and hygiene controls and monitoring temperature and humidity. In addition, all storage environments undergo rigorous study of qualifying installation, operation and performance.