Spotter Point

Spotter is the name given to aviation and photography enthusiasts that unite the two interests in an activity: photographing planes.

The practice is quite popular, and since 2015 the Brasília airport began to support and promote events aimed at this hobby.

That same year, the '1st Spotter Day' of the aerodrome happened. The success was huge and more than 300 people signed up to participate. Performed in the morning, 75 selected spotters could photograph the aircraft within 300 m of the track. A photo contest, held only among the participants of the event, awarded the author of the best image with a weekend trip for two to Natal, RN.

In 2016, the event had a new version: the 'Spotter Sunset Edition', allowing amazing photos at sunset of the federal capital. There were 100 participants and more than 400 registrations. The edition had many sponsors and supporters and, at this time, the best photograph won a letter of credit with the equivalent of a weekend trip for two to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition to the Spotter Days, capital of enthusiasts have also had the privilege of shooting close the Ed Force One - Boeing 747-400 Iron Maiden - the first official landing of the new colors of LATAM and the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Brazil, brought by Boeing 767-300 LATAM.


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First Spotter Day
Evento reuniu 65 fotógrafos e entusiastas no dia 25 de julho de 2015 em área restrita do do Aeroporto de Brasília.
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Spotter Sunset Edition
A 2ª edição do Spotter Day do Aeroporto de Brasília aconteceu no dia 29 de maio de 2016.
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Ed Force One
Visita do Boeing 747-400 oficial da banda Iron Maiden ao Aeroporto de Brasília.
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First landing LATAM
Melhores imagens do 1º voo oficial da LATAM Airlines com sua nova marca aqui no Aeroporto de Brasília, ocorrido no dia 05 de maio de 2016.
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Olympic Torch
A Chama Olímpica da Rio 2016 tocou o solo brasileiro pela 1ª vez no Aeroporto de Brasília. Um momento histórico que aconteceu no aniversário de 59 anos do Terminal brasiliense.
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