Google Indoor Maps - a new service available at Brasilia Airport

Using a mobile app or through Inframerica's website, passengers can now search the airport to find places and information about services rendered.

Brasilia, 6 May 2014 - As of today, May 6, Brasilia Airport passengers have access to Google Indoor Maps. Google Maps allows users to look inside the airport through the ground floor, making it easier for them to find their gates, for instance, or elevators, escalators, restrooms, stores or any other services. It can be accessed through Google maps or through the Inframerica website.

Brasilia Airport is the country's largest domestic hub, which means it receives the greatest number of passengers in connection flights. Google Indoor Maps will be useful both for passengers embarking and landing at the airport for the first time, and for those who already know it. The feature helps passengers find their way inside the terminal, making it easier to find food courts, drugstores or shops, and to know exactly where they are.

Brasilia Airport is going through a rehaul and expansion that is being delivered gradually. The South Pier, a 20 thousand m2 boarding terminal that was delivered in April, is a brand new modern wing. Another boarding terminal, the North Pier, is on the verge of being delivered. All these new services will be ready for passengers in time for the World Cup.

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