Duplicated aircraft overpass is inaugurated

Ten months after starting the works, Inframerica delivers the new aircraft overpass to the airlines that operate in Brasilia Airport.

Brasilia Airport received a new aircraft overpass. Located in front of the South Pier (the new passenger terminal), the construction connects the new runway to the main terminal. The works began in June 2013.

The overpass is 48.41 m wide and 43.30 m long. Was built under the street that connects Estrada Parque Aeroporto highway to the Air Base.

According to Mariano Mobilia, operations director, the new overpass was built to complement the one that already exists. 'It was designed to offer pilots an alternative route', he explained.

The new overpass will double the number of aircrafts that can circulate in the area, in addition to increasing the airport's capacity. For Mobilia, the complexity of the works is proportional to the airport's capacity to receive large aircraft. 'An aircraft overpass is a more complex structure than a common vehicle viaduct. The new route can withstand a Boeing 777-200, weighing close to 300 tons', he added.

'Today the airport receives roughly 220 airplanes per day. Duplicating the viaduct was essential to improve flow between the landing and take-off runways', the director concluded.


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