Airport guide

Lost and Found

The lost objects and documents on the premises of the Airport including our Hallways, Domestic and International Boarding and Disembarking halls, in addition to remote boarding buses, can be delivered or required to Lost and Found sector, located in the floor landing next to the payment booth Estapar Estacionamentos

For more information, contact the Sector via e-mail or +55 (61) 3214 6109.


24 hours operation.

Note: between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am, the service will be available in the Information Desk Boarding Lobby.



- For items left on VIP rooms contact via  +55 (61) 3214 6005/6006.

- Once identified, the owner shall have a period* of 90 days from the registration date to recover the objects. The withdrawal by a third party will be allowed only with prior submission of an authorization and personal data (full name and ID) to of the person who will take the goods.

- Personal documents (ID, Social Security number, passport etc.) and credit/debit cards remain for 07 days in the Sector. After this period, the documents are transferred to the Post Office [For more information, call 0800 725 0100 or visit national service and the cards are destroyed.

*Objects not removed in the estimated period are donated to social institutions in the Federal District.