These are the frequently asked questions to our relationship channels. If your question is not resolved, please contact our Customer Service team at +55 (61) 3364 9000 or through social networks.

  • What is Inframerica?

    It is the management company of the Brasília Airport, responsible for the facilities and the whole infrastructure of Brasília Terminal.

    For information about your trip, such as purchase or exchange tickets, seats etc., or dissatisfaction with services provided by Airline Companies, including baggage claim, delays and cancellations, contact the airline directly. For questions and information about legal travel requirements, contact public agencies present in Brasília Airport.

  • How early should I arrive at the Brasília airport?

    Arrive at the airport with at least 1 hour in advance for domestic flights. For international flights, we recommend arriving 2 to 3 hours before the flight time, depending on the destination country. During season and holidays, we suggest arriving even earlier to avoid any inconvenience.

  • What documents are required to board?

    Brazilian passengers They can perform domestic travel presenting one of the following documents:

    i)       Valid national passport;

    ii)      Identity Card (RG) issued by state public security secretariats or DF, by ministries or agencies subordinate to the Presidency or the judiciary or legislature;

    iii)     National Driver's License

    iv)     Work permit with photo;

    v)      ID card with photo issued by councils or federations;

    vi)     Pilot, Commissioner, flight engineer and flight operational dispatcher licenses issued by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC);

    vii)   other identification document with photo and public faith in the whole national territory.

    On domestic flights, accompanied children and adolescents must present one of the documents mentioned above or the birth certificate, as well as documentation proving the affiliation or relationship with the head. For unaccompanied trips, the minor must have legal authorization.

    Talk to the Airline and confirm these or other necessary requirements.

    For international flights, children and adolescents (12-18 years old) must present valid travel document and judicial authorization in both cases of unaccompanied trips or when only one legal guardian is present.  Other information here.[Link to International Traveling Rules on the site]

    Note: You can also check all requirements established by the Childhood and Youth Court.

    The boarding of people ofother nationalities may be made upon presentation of one of the following documents:

    i)       foreign passport;

    ii)      Alien Register Card - CIE (RNE)*, respecting the international agreements signed by Brazil;

    iii)     diplomatic or consular identity;

    iv)     Other legal travel document, result of international agreements signed by Brazil.

    *For domestic travel, foreign passengers can embark with the request protocol of its CIE, issued by the Federal Police Department, replacing the original document for a maximum period of 180 days, counted from the date of dispatch.

  • What items are prohibited in hand luggage?

    Before accessing restricted boarding areas, make sure you have no prohibited item in your hand luggage. If have any not allowed object, you must check it or discard it during the pre-boarding safety inspection (X-ray). Avoid delays and losses.

  • How do I find my gate at the airport?

    Brasília Airport grew, and distances for boarding did so, as well. In case ofdoubts about the location of your gate, stay tuned to the signage in Terminal, see one of the employees (green jacket) outstanding 24 hours a day or, if you prefer, use the aerophones - Remote answering phones connected directly to the Information Desk and distributed by terminals.

  • Can I travel with my pet?

    Some animals can be transported in domestic and international air travel, including among the passengers in the aircraft cabin. Check the requirements and necessary documentation for each airline and destination of the trip. 

    Attention |Guide dogs must be transported in the aircraft cabin floor, for free, next to its owner, with harness on. On domestic flights, the updated immunization record must be presented. For international travel, it is mandatory the presentation of the International Animal Health Certificate (CZI).

    See Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) on the requirements for air transport of animals.

  • I am dissatisfied with the service provided by my airline. What do I do?

    If you wish to speak out about any service provided by your airline, such as check-in, baggage claim and issues related to flight, register your opinion with the airline or the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), the body responsible for regulating civil aviation activities and airport infrastructure in Brazil.

  • I am a Passenger with Special Assistance Needs (PNAE). How can I get help?

    If you are a Passenger with Special Assistance Needs (PNAE) and need assistance at the airport, communicate your airline at the time of purchase of the ticket to ensure priority seating at all stages of the journey. Here, in the Terminal, look for our team of Customer Service, trained to cater to all audiences.

  • Does Brasília Airport have medical care for emergencies?

    The Emergency Medical Service and Victim Removal (SME) Terminal, part of the Airport Emergency Response System (SREA), is responsible for removal and aftercare of victims due to airport emergencies, be they associated with accidents / aeronautical incidents or other occurred on the premises of the airport, thus excluding outpatient care.

    Please be advised that this delimitation meets regulatory requirements of the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), through Resolution No. 234 of May 30, 2012.

    The situations that do not meet the above-provided care, and if the passenger requires additional medications or performing tests (such as X-ray), you need to address the appropriate health facility nearest airport.

  • What are the parking fees in the Airport?

    The parking lot at the Brasília airport is managed by Estapar Estacionamentos. The fees are set by the company and are in accordance with the market. See them here.For grievances or questions, please register your opinion with the company through 0800 105 560.

  • I will travel with Azul. In which Terminal does it operate?

    Passengers of flights operated by Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras should embark on Terminal 2 at Brasília Airport, exclusive for this airline. To transfer between terminals, use the shuttlefor free from the airport.

  • In case of delay or cancellation of flights what should I do?

    In such cases, passengers are entitled to receive assistance from the airline. The type of aid offered depends on the time of delay or cancellation. For example:

    i)                 From 1 hour: communication (internet, phone calls etc.);

    ii)                From 2 hours: food (voucher, snack, drinks etc);

    iii)               From 4 hours: accommodation (if applicable) and transportation from the airport to the place of accommodation.

    For details, contact your airline or the Passenger Guide.

  • Who can access the VIP Airport Lounges?

    All passengers can have access to the VIP Airport Lounges, located in restricted areas of Domestic and International Boarding. For rates, partnerships and access plans, visit the official site.

  • What to do in case of theft in the airport?

    In case of suspected theft or robbery in the airport site, register the case with the Civil Police. It can be found in the basement of the airport, near the registration area, or please contact at  +55 (61) 3365 5180.

  • How do I retrieve/deliver a lost object at the airport?

    The Lost and found sector receives and stores forgotten objects and documents on the premises of the Airport. If you have left something here, please contact our team via e-mail achadoseperdidos@inframerica.aeroor telephone  55 (61) 3214 6109.

    We recall that for forgotten items on aircraft, contact your airline, and for the objects left in the VIP Rooms, contact them directly by telephone +55 (61) 3214 6005/6006.

  • What feeding options are available in the terminals?

    The airport has several options for food. Restaurants, snack bars, kiosks and cafes can be found in all terminals (1 and 2), both restricted as public areas of departure and arrival. Check out the services available here.