Before travelling


Passenger with Special Assistance Needs (PNAE)

People with disabilities, aged 60 years, pregnant, breastfeeding, accompanied by lap child, handicapped or anyone who has any limitations, are entitled to free special assistance when traveling, It is necessary to inform the Company. upon purchase of ticket. Thus, the Passenger with Special Assistance Needs (PNAE)to opt for the service, ensure priority seating at all stages of the journey.

According to the Resolution No. 280 of ANACThe PNAE should:

         i.          Warn the need for escort with at least 72 (seventy-two) estimated time of departure times of the flight;

        ii.          Warn the need for other types of assistance at least 48 (forty-eight) hours of planned hours of flight departure.

The previous statement to the airline allows the Brasília Airport to organize aircraft in the courtyard, giving priority to boarding or landing of PNAES by one of the 29 fingers available in Terminal. If the aircraft is allocated to remote location, the airport has ambulift - vehicle with lifting platform that allows the passenger with disabilities or reduced mobility to access the aircraft

The airport has also 34 lifts, 01 platform lift, 07 sets of crawlers covering 332m long, 21 accessible bathrooms and 01 clinics [Link to the Medical Centre page] for emergency care 24 hours [located on the Arrival floor].

In addition to the entire structure, a team of Customer Service, trained to serve this audience, is available to assist PNAES. The employees participate periodically on refresher courses to improve service to passengers requiring special assistance.

Users who rely on medical equipment aid to travel or need assistance of a guide dog can have access to restricted areas of the terminal provided that they present to the airlines the documents required for transportation in the aircraft cabin. Both animals and equipment will undergo X-ray inspection.

For more information, go to Resolution No. 280 of ANAC or download Guide to Rights and Accessibility to passenger